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Top 7 Gambling Podcasts You Should Follow For Learning 2021

If you want to build a professional career in gambling and learn from the experts, you need a podcast focused on the game you want to play. Most beginners want to learn about the strategies used in poker games, while the podcast talks about the latest matches and how they were and should have been played. A podcast involving experts and successful gamblers can help beginners develop an understanding. Here are the top ten gambling podcasts that you can watch today.

Behind the Bets

This podcast is hosted by Doug Kezirian, the ESPN gambling analyst who invites the gambling experts and professionals to talk about the world of Las Vegas as they talk about the games and the upcoming tournaments. The show runs three times a week and is available on the ESPN website.


Gambling with an edge

If you want to become better as a gambler and learn from the expert writers and professionals, you can switch to this postcard every week. Professional authors and gamblers Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin discuss what a gambler truly need to become better every day.

Good Bettor Bets

Hosted by Digs, Todd McComas, and Gumy, this podcast covers all aspects of gambling, including insights into the latest tournaments. With one episode each day, you will also learn about how the players are performing and who made the best bets.

Bang The Book Betting Podcast

Bang The Book is known for hosting podcasts for sports betting analysis and news. You can listen to some of the best analysts and bettors who talk about sports’ wagering markets of sports such as NFL, UFC, NBA, NHL, and even college basketball. Hosted by Adam Burke, this podcast is available every day for viewers on their own website.

Lone Wolf Hof

Another popular sports betting podcast hosted in New York by a sports enthusiast and a professional bettor Hof. He speaks about the latest sports news and talks about the betting updates in his podcast. You can receive his podcast link in your mail to listen to him once every week.

Sports Gambling Podcast

If you want a more professional outlook on sports betting, this is your home for uncensored sports gambling analysis and expert opinions. The podcast covers all NFL games and has picked every game against the spread. Today they cover fantasy football analysis, college football, golf, NBA, and more with one episode every week.

The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast

The action network program is all about sports gambling action. Catch all the updates for player stats for the upcoming games, league games, and even daily fantasy fanatic mastering DraftKings & FanDuel lineups. With five episodes every week, you can cover all the games and find the spreads suggested by experts and seasoned professional gamblers.