Poker Movies

The Best Gambling and Poker Movies to Watch Today

While you sit back home and wait for the pandemic to get over, you must be missing the live casino action. Instead of procrastinating about going to the casinos once again, you can use this time to watch all-time best casino and gambling based movies. The rush in the gambles and hacks used in casinos provide enough content to the moviemakers. Here you can find the movies where gambling is well projected for the gamble loving audience.


The casino is one of the oldest movies ever to showcase the lives of people in the casino industry. The film earned $116.1 million and received high ratings from the critics as well. The story revolves around a gambling handicapper whose job is to keep the casino running while he deals with the mobsters in Vegas and manages daily operations.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is another casino classic released in 2006 and directed by Martin Campbell. The movie is somewhat based on a 1953 novel revolving around a high-stakes poker game. Casino Royale grossed $600 million to become one of the most successful films in that year. It is a James Bond classic that features Daniel Craig playing only the high-stake poker games.


21 was an interesting, thrilling drama directed by Robert Luketic where he showcased how card counting works in blackjack. This movie is based on Ben Mezrich’s book and talks about the true story of the blackjack team from MIT. This team of MIT is comprised of a group of talented students who crack blackjack to win money. The film grossed $157.9 at the box office and is still one of the list’s coolest casino movies.

The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid is based on Richard Jessup’s novel of the same name. It was released in 1965 and is still considered a casino classic. It was directed by Norman Jewison and still had high ratings on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. The story is about a young poker player who wants to become the best-known player. He finds himself one step away from becoming the best poker player when he meets an older opponent. Must want for poker lovers who need some inspiration.


Rounders is a well-produced casino classic with a mixed review by experts. The film is known to showcase interesting games between two poker players. While some people say the movie is not as thrilling as they expected it to be, others felt the beauty of the movie was in its realistic projection of games where the players received fair cards, unlike the perfect hands in other movies.

The Gambler

If you want to watch something that came out recently, this is our best suggestion for you. A 1974 film by James Toback inspires this 2014 film where a man is determined to take down gangland bosses, and he does that using his art of gambling. His goal is to free himself from the debts of the bosses. It is a good watch for casino lovers, while you can also expect to get a little bored.