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Five Gambling Games with the Lowest House Edge

Casino games with a low house edge are among the most sought after options on the gambling floor. Players are always on the lookout for such games as it helps them capitalize on everything and stand a better chance at making it big. So to help you out, we have made a list of the five best games with the lowest house edge. Hence, go ahead and read more about the same.



As a popular game, Blackjack always provides you with reasons as to why you need to play the game. From the basic set of rules to the most critical factor of a low house edge, you have all the right reasons to go ahead and play the game. Coming in with a house edge of less than %1, the game offers the right set of features that is needed to help you make the most of it. Due to that, you need to play Blackjack and enjoy all that it has to offer.


Coming in close to Blackjack, we have another famous game with a house edge of 1.5%. Yes, that’s right. The game of Baccarat comes forward with a low house edge, and players can benefit from the same. But if you are not able to put in the right moves, then the process might not head towards the direction of your choice. So understand the game and then move ahead to make it all matter.


If 5% to 1.4% sounds interesting, then Craps needs to be your next suitable option. The game is a classic choice for all the right reasons, and one among those reasons is its low house edge. While it may not be better than Blackjack, Craps is still worth the experience, and everyone can look forward to enjoying their time at the gambling table. Hence, Craps is another choice for games with a low house edge.

Three-Card Poker

Popularly known as the best variant of Poker, Three-Card Poker is an ideal game that was quick to grab all the attention. As players began understanding more about the game, they fell in love with it and loved the fact that it included a house edge of 1.5%. Due to that, Three-Card Poker is a suitable option for gamblers looking at better chances to win.

Video Poker

A house edge that ranges from 5% to 0.5% is definitely worth the try, and one must venture into the game of Video Poker. As a classic, it has always remained with casinos, and players love to explore its features and gamble in a manner they prefer. Hence, Video Poker completes the list of the games with the lowest house edge.