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Sports Betting Podcasts Worth Watching

If you want to catch the updates on the current sports-betting analytics and news, you need to start following a podcast from the experts and professional bettors. Podcasts are an interesting way to keep yourself updated and also learn about the best spreads in any game. You can find different types of sports betting podcasts from the list below. Find the kind of fun and knowledge experience you want to get and start following a podcast to become a better sports bettor.

Bet The Board

This podcast is hosted by Payne Insider and Todd Fuhrman, who have made a name in the sports betting industry to bring out the best topics to discuss. While Todd is a professional media person in Las Vegas, Payne is a professional sports bettor who can help you in finding the best odds for the upcoming games. Their focus is largely on NFL and college football, and they cover every part of the game, from the weather to player statistics.

You Better You Bet

This podcast is available on Apple and Radio and covers major sports, including basketball, football, baseball, golf, and soccer. Nick Kostos and Ken Barkley’s co-hosts provide a dynamic look at the sports while breaking down a number of closing line values.  The podcast is available on Radio from 4-8 pm every weekday. You can also listen to the recorded podcasts on all major podcast platforms.


Pushing the Odds

Pushing the Odds is an interesting and fun podcast from Vegas, hosted by Matt Perrault. The podcast brings the hottest debates in the sports betting industry and also talk about the games. It is a complete package for those interested in knowing about the trends than the basic suggestions. Matt brings in the best bookmakers, bettors, and reporters in the gambling industry to talk about major trends and news that every sports bettor would want to know.

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Beating the book

An interesting learning program hosted by Gill Alexander provides a range of sports betting topics for listeners. It is a seminar first and podcast second, where you are learning a lot about sports betting from experts. Alexander himself is regarded as one of the innovators in sports betting. He is well skilled to provide in-depth analysis of the sports betting competitions and provides secret tips from the professional betting industry to the beginners.

Gamble On

Gamble On is a more industry-specific podcast meant for industry experts and workers. Eric Raskin and John Brennan host this podcast and break down the most significant news updates from the gambling industry. The podcast invites a range of guests from celebrities and sports betting pros to talk on different topics from the industry. Everyone from the industry experts to media members has been a part of this podcast to share their insights about the sports betting world. It is a mix of serious and silly topics that you can definitely enjoy in your free time.