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Master Plan #56: Keith Baker on Designing Eberron

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The second & final basement tape episodes comes from September 2009: Ryan sat down with Keith Baker, creator of Eberron, to talk about setting design. They discuss various principles, ways to diverge from classic fantasy setups, working in lore, and so on. In particular, it’s interesting because of a setting design constraint: using monster and […]

Master Plan #54: Kenneth Hite, Setting Creation & Day After Ragnarok

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After 10 months of podfading, Ryan Macklin is back with a new episode of Master Plan! This is the first of his “basement tapes” episodes — interviews recorded back in 2009 that until now were out of the can. He talked with Kenneth Hite back in early September 2009 after setting creation and Day After Ragnarok. […]

Master Plan #48: Chad Underkoffler on Setting Design, Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

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On this episode, Ryan sits down with Chad Underkoffler about designing setting (and, in some respects, writing in general) with his latest release, Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies. They touch on how the setting for this setting-rich book was conceived, f…