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Master Plan #23: Daniel Solis, Part 2 on "A Cover is a Promise"

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Following up on the the last show, Ryan finishes up his interview with Daniel Solis. They talk about something Daniel has said in the past, “A Cover is a Promise.” Daniel discusses what that means, what some of the covers he has done seeks to promise…

Master Plan #22A: Interview with Daniel Solis, Part 1A on Soft Question Anecdotes

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Hours before leaving home for Dreamation, Ryan puts together a short episode of Master Plan. Daniel Perez from The Gamer Traveler and The Digital Front podcasts mentioned on the Master Plan forum that he wished I had published the anecdotes that Danie…

Master Plan #22: Daniel Solis, Part 1 on Layout Questions

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For his first podcast of 2008, Ryan talks with Daniel Solis, layout designers for such games as Lacuna, Reign, Wilderness of Mirrors and the upcoming Houses of the Blooded. As part one of their interview, they talk about questions a designer should be…