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Master Plan #26: Jennifer Rodgers on Working With Artists

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Ryan talks with Jennifer Rodgers, artist & colorist, about what a game designer should expect to know and should expect to find out in talking with an artist such as herself. They get a bit in-depth about her specific process, and she talks about …

Master Plan #23: Daniel Solis, Part 2 on "A Cover is a Promise"

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Following up on the the last show, Ryan finishes up his interview with Daniel Solis. They talk about something Daniel has said in the past, “A Cover is a Promise.” Daniel discusses what that means, what some of the covers he has done seeks to promise…

Master Plan #22A: Interview with Daniel Solis, Part 1A on Soft Question Anecdotes

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Hours before leaving home for Dreamation, Ryan puts together a short episode of Master Plan. Daniel Perez from The Gamer Traveler and The Digital Front podcasts mentioned on the Master Plan forum that he wished I had published the anecdotes that Danie…