Master Plan #69: Sean Nittner, Convention Games

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Ryan is joined by Sean Nittner—owner of Big Bad Con, project manager for Evil Hat Productions, and all around excellent human. (Or human-wolf hybrid.) The conversation revolves around thinking about convention games as part of the design process, but our journey takes a few twists and turns.

About Big Bad Con: A fantastic tabletop RPG and LARP convention in Oakland, California on October 16–18, 2015. Check out the Kickstarter (ends July 2nd)!

We also talk about:

  • Organizing conventions
  • Being a publisher
  • Katanas & Trenchcoats
  • Useless speculation about Apocalypse World 2
  • All games will be made into convention games
  • “It doesn’t matter if you have a square or round peg, we will shove it into a con slot.”
  • The amount of work it takes to set up a game
  • The first scene problem in GM-less games
  • Love letters, as seen in Apocalypse World
  • In medias res adventure games
  • Supernatural season 10
  • Drama game set-ups, notable with Smallville RPG
  • “Shut the fuck up” as a technique

Follow Sean at @SeanNitter.

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– Ryan


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