Master Plan #68: Kit La Touche, Design Chat

Design Chat |

Ryan tries out a new format for the show, and brings on indie game designer Kit La Touche to chat about various game design and game publishing topics.

  • Designing the GM side of games
  • Citizen reviewers
  • Walter Ong’s writing on oral cultures
  • The nature of fans
  • “A failed dream”
  • Games that shift over editing or editions
  • Having a regular playtest group
  • How your form of playtesting shapes your game
  • Fantastical elements in games, and how they make a game more marketable
  • Playtest budgets
  • Being afraid of a game
  • Getting to be a fan
  • Little projects
  • The desire of jamming together as a creative group

Check out Kit at: and @wlonk

1:25:04 / 41.5 MB

– Ryan