Master Plan #65: Gen Con Prep with Adam Jury, Derek Guder & Jessica Price

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Ryan interviews three fantastic folks about prepping for large conventions like Gen Con:

  • Adam Jury, co-founder of Posthuman Studios
  • Derek Guder, Event Programming Manager at Gen Con
  • Jessica Price, project manager at Paizo

We did a mixed focus: while we focused on useful tips for event runners and exhibitors, it turns out that many tips we shared work for general attendees. We talked a lot about food, a little about alcohol, about packing and shipping, domestic and international travel advice, and so on. For old hats, this won’t be revolutionary advice, but it might help some people out who aren’t as veteran at Gen Con.

This was originally broadcast live as a Google+ Hangout on the Air on Saturday, August 8th, 2014, and has more audio issues than I’m used to dealing with. I tried to fix what I could, but there’s only so much you can do with bad audio.

Notes from the Episode

You can often find Adam at the Posthuman Studios booth — booth #559, near the art show area.
Ryan and Jessica will frequently be at the Paizo booth — #203 — when not doing events like panels.
If you need to find Derek, you can email him at, call the events line at 857-559-2420, or go to the GM HQ or an event HQ booth and ask for him.

Outside-of-US people, check out Nelly’s Nerdy Adventures for more on dealing with flying into/out of the US. Thanks to everyone who contributed questions and advice!

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Things you should totally check out: visit this blog post for info on Games on Demand, First Exposure, and more stuff I think you should check out!

We had two winners of the Gen Con badge giveaway: Mike & Amber! (Though, if one doesn’t claim in time, I might give the badge to a runner-up.)

…and that’s it! See some of you at Gen Con!

– Ryan

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