Keith Baker on Designing Eberron

Master Plan #56: Keith Baker on Designing Eberron

August 1, 2012

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The second & final basement tape episodes comes from September 2009: Ryan sat down with Keith Baker, creator of Eberron, to talk about setting design. They discuss various principles, ways to diverge from classic fantasy setups, working in lore, and so on. In particular, it’s interesting because of a setting design constraint: using monster and dungeon lore from Dungeons & Dragons as a core requirement of the setting, while still bringing something new to that subject.


Eberron (Wizards of the Coast site)

Eberron (Wikipedia page)

Keith Baker’s blog

Keith Baker on Twitter (@HellcowKeith)


Jason Pitre, Genesis of Legend (Twitter) — for the bulk of the interview’s audio production

– Ryan

31:11 / 14.4M


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