Paul Tevis on Text Presentation

Master Plan #50: Paul Tevis on Text Presentation, A Penny For My Thoughts

July 1, 2009

Interview | Evil Hat Productions, Paul Tevis

On this fiftieth episode of Master Plan, Ryan talks with Paul Tevis about text production and his new book, A Penny For My Thoughts. Given that Ryan worked with Paul on the game by developing and editing it, it’s not a standard interview — they talk about it as insiders sharing a bit about creating the project with fans, especially over some of the pitfalls and issues they ran into together. After the interview, a few people wish Ryan well on achieving his fiftieth episode, and he shares his thoughts on the future of the show.

A Penny For My Thoughts:

A Penny For My Thoughts by Paul Tevis

Evil Hat Productions

Paul’s Gameslinger Enterprises and his blog

Post on my blog, sharing my experiences working with Paul on Penny

Paul’s recent interview on Canon Puncture

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