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Master Plan #44: Ryan’s Rules of Playtesting

Solo |

Still in the post-Dreamation afterglow, Ryan responds to a question asked by friend of the show Remi Treuer, where he asks to hear more about Ryan’s playtest process in light of seeing it in action at Dreamation. What he comes up with is something he …

Master Plan #17: Joshua BishopRoby on Playtesting

Interview |

Ryan talks with Joshua BishopRoby of Kallisti Press about beta playtesting — getting the game your working on playtested by people outside of your table. They talk about his current project that’s in beta playtest, Sons of Liberty. Speaking both gen…

Master Plan #10: Interview with Ken Hite, Playtesting at Go Play NW

Interview, Solo |

This week, Ryan gets gaming luminary Kenneth Hite on the show. They start by talking about Ken’s upcoming book, Adventures Into Darkness, and then go into talking about designers notes, pulling from other games and the continuing evolution of game des…