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Master Plan #50: Paul Tevis on Text Presentation, A Penny For My Thoughts

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On this fiftieth episode of Master Plan, Ryan talks with Paul Tevis about text production and his new book, A Penny For My Thoughts. Given that Ryan worked with Paul on the game by developing and editing it, it’s not a standard interview — they talk about it as insiders sharing a bit about creating […]

Master Plan #37: Have Master, Will Plan 2 with Ken Hite

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On a very late, very tired Sunday evening of GenCon, Paul Tevis & Ryan Macklin sit down with the ever-present Ken Hite to talk about the hobby, culture, GenCon, and all that good stuff.

[02:24] The banter has just begun
[04:29] Ken gives a brief on…

Master Plan #28: Have Master, Will Plan 1, part 2

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Have Master, Will Plan #1 with Paul Tevis, part 2

0:34 This episode is the second part of a conversation between Ryan Macklin and Paul Tevis at the second Nerdly Beach Party. Pick up the first half over on Have Games, Will Travel.
1:19 If you like …