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Master Plan #54: Kenneth Hite, Setting Creation & Day After Ragnarok

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After 10 months of podfading, Ryan Macklin is back with a new episode of Master Plan! This is the first of his “basement tapes” episodes — interviews recorded back in 2009 that until now were out of the can. He talked with Kenneth Hite back in early September 2009 after setting creation and Day After Ragnarok. […]

Master Plan #37: Have Master, Will Plan 2 with Ken Hite

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On a very late, very tired Sunday evening of GenCon, Paul Tevis & Ryan Macklin sit down with the ever-present Ken Hite to talk about the hobby, culture, GenCon, and all that good stuff.

[02:24] The banter has just begun
[04:29] Ken gives a brief on…

Master Plan #10: Interview with Ken Hite, Playtesting at Go Play NW

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This week, Ryan gets gaming luminary Kenneth Hite on the show. They start by talking about Ken’s upcoming book, Adventures Into Darkness, and then go into talking about designers notes, pulling from other games and the continuing evolution of game des…