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Master Plan #46: Designing Epic-Scale Games with Josh Roby Part 2, and Power of Names

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On this episode, we continue the discussion with Josh Roby about making epic-scale games, with the third of three points: respect, from the point of view of a game respecting its own epic conceit and NPCs respecting epic-scale PCs. Josh also gives an…

Master Plan #45: Designing Epic-Scale Games with Josh Roby, Part 1

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This week, Ryan talks with Josh Roby about designing games that support & address epic-scale play — that is, games that have a grand, dramatic scope as a main part of their premise. The interview ran long, as they covered three points they felt w…

Master Plan #17: Joshua BishopRoby on Playtesting

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Ryan talks with Joshua BishopRoby of Kallisti Press about beta playtesting — getting the game your working on playtested by people outside of your table. They talk about his current project that’s in beta playtest, Sons of Liberty. Speaking both gen…