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Master Plan #64: Freelance Editing with Amanda Valentine, John Adamus & Lynne Hardy

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Ryan talks with Amanda Valentine, John Adamus, and Lynne Hardy about what it is to be a freelance editor, answer questions from freelance editors and prospective editors, and possibly give some tips to writers who are hiring freelance editors for the first time. Amanda Valentine: ayvalentine.com | @ayvalentine John Adamus: writernextdoor.com | @awesome_john Lynne Hardy: […]

Master Plan #58: Amanda Valentine, Editing and Language Choice

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On this episode, I talk with the ever-talented Amanda Valentine, freelance editor who has worked on a number of award-winning RPGs. We decided to have a conversation about editing from the perspective of language: why to choose different words, what that means, how does that impact understanding, etc. And then she becomes the Scarlet Owlbear. […]