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Master Plan #52: Reincorporation

Ryan talks about reincorporation from a design perspective. And he’s going to write proper show notes later, when he’s not packing for GenCon.

Master Plan #51: Pacing Mechanics part 2, Campaign Level

Continuing the series on pacing mechanics, Ryan talks about campaign-level pacing systems. He revisits D&D, as having a loose sense of pacing based on the setting material linked to various character levels. Afterward, he talks at length about Polaris, as a prime example of an individual character-focused pacing mechanic — with what it means to […]

Master Plan #49: Pacing Mechanics part 1, Refresh Scale

Ryan sits down for another episode, this one kicking off a series about pacing mechanics. To start off, he talked about there being some broad, different types of pacing mechanics, and focuses on one in particular: the “refresh scale” mechanics — tho…