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Master Plan #64: Freelance Editing with Amanda Valentine, John Adamus & Lynne Hardy

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Ryan talks with Amanda Valentine, John Adamus, and Lynne Hardy about what it is to be a freelance editor, answer questions from freelance editors and prospective editors, and possibly give some tips to writers who are hiring freelance editors for the first time. Amanda Valentine: | @ayvalentine John Adamus: | @awesome_john Lynne Hardy: […]

Master Plan #63: Brian Clevinger on Being an RPG Licensor and the Atomic Robo RPG

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Brian Clevinger—co-creator of the fantastic comic series Atomic Robo—talks with Ryan Macklin about licensed roleplaying games from a side of the fence not often talked about: the licensor’s point of view. They talk about what Brian expected before getting involved with Evil Hat Productions to create the Atomic Robo Roleplaying Game, how that matched with […]

Master Plan #62: Stephen Hood & Will Hindmarch on Storium

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Ryan sits down with Stephen Hood and Will Hindmarch or Protagonist Labs to talk about the new online roleplaying experience known as Storium. On this live episode, they talk about Storium’s origins and design, issues that came up in playtesting, the differences between developing for an upgradable platform versus a static book, and more. If […]