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Master Plan #67: Mark Richardson on Cartography in RPGs

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Ryan talks with Mark Richardson, who is by night a freelance tabletop games cartographer and indie publisher, and by day a badass Canadian geographical information survey machine. (That means he makes huge maps using very detailed software.) Mark’s got a fresh perspective on cartography, coming from a technical, GIS background rather than a purely illustrative one. […]

Master Plan #66: Robin D. Laws on RPG Setting Design

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Ryan kicks on one of his planned 2015 interview series—this one on setting design in roleplaying games—by talking with luminary and setting veteran Robin D. Laws. Robin’s well known for his work in Feng Shui (and the recently Kickstarted second edition), the Dying Earth RPG, and various games using his GUMSHOE and DramaSystem engines. Works […]

Master Plan #65: Gen Con Prep with Adam Jury, Derek Guder & Jessica Price

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Ryan interviews three fantastic folks about prepping for large conventions like Gen Con: Adam Jury, co-founder of Posthuman Studios Derek Guder, Event Programming Manager at Gen Con Jessica Price, project manager at Paizo We did a mixed focus: while we focused on useful tips for event runners and exhibitors, it turns out that many tips we shared work for […]