Howdy Masterminds, and welcome to Master Plan!

This podcast is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) roleplaying game-centric design shows. Each episode focuses on a topic or experiences making a product, drilling down to get to issues and resolutions so we can all learn from them. Most of the episodes are interviews, but there are the occasional solo or round table ones as well.

As for it’s host and producer, I’m Ryan Macklin, an award-winning game designer, writer & editor, primarily known for my work with Evil Hat Productions. I have a blog where I talk must more about my own design & process thoughts, if you’re into that sort of thing.

If you’d like to get a hold of me for whatever reason, you can reach me at ryan@masterplanpodcast.net.

– Ryan

The Master Plan Backers

The following people contributed to Master Plan Kickstarter campaign in July 2012:

Aaron Enriquez, Albert Andersen, Amy M. Garcia, Anders Smith, Andrew Linstrom, Andrew Loch, Andy K, Ariel Pereira, Brendan Adkins, Brennan Taylor, Brian “Lord Danger” Engard, Brian Isikoff, Bryce Byerley, Bully Pulpit Games, Carl Klutzke, Carl Rigney, Chad Underkoffler, Chris Czerniak, Chris Perrin, Christian Griffen, Christopher Mennell (The Secret DM), Chuck Cooley, Clark Valentine, Colin Jessup, Dan, Daniel “Praukse” Hunsaker, Daniel M. Perez, Dave Versace, David Gallo, Don A. Dehm, Doug Hagler, Duane O’Brien & Damon Gregory, Eden Brandeis, Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat, Eric Lytle, Flavio Mortarino, Garret Narjes, Gerald Cameron, Grant Chen, Gregory G. Geiger, Harry Balls, Hasn Chung-Otterson, Hi, my name is… Take off your pants., Holy Fuck Sugarbaker, Ishai Barnoy, J.B. Mannon, Jade Higashi, Jason Pitre (@genesisoflegend), Jeffrey J.A. Fuller II, Jennska, Jeremiah Frye, Jeremiah McNichols, Jeremy Kostiew, Jeremy Morgan (TriskalJM), Jeremy Tidwell, Jesse Q, Jessica Hammer, Jim Ryan, Jim Sweeney, Jobe Bittman, John Daniels, John LeBoeuf-Little, John Mehrholz, Jon Edwards, Josh Rensch, Josh Roby, Justin D. Jacobson, Justin Smith, Keith Baker, Kevin Weiser, Kit La Touche, Leonard Balsera, Lillian Cohen-Moore, Logan Bonner, M.T. Ahern, Marc “Traveller” Miller, Marc Majcher, Marcos Silva, Mark Diaz Truman + Marissa Kelly, Magpie Games, Marzio Spairani, Matt Forbeck, Matt Troedson, Matthew D. Gandy, Matthew Gagan, Matthew Sullivan-Barrett, Max “Green_eyes” Nikolaev, Michael Sands, Michael Thompson, Mick Bradley, Mike Holyoak, Morgan Childs, Morgan Ellis, Nat “woodelf” Barmore, Nate Lawrence, Nora Last, Pat Gamblin, Paul Kizior, Paul Tevis, PiHalbe, Quinn Murphy, Rafael Rocha, Ralph Mazza, Rick Loomis (FBI), Rob Donoghue, Robert Adducci, Robert Mosley, Ryan Aech, Scott Bennett, Scott Gable, Scott Slater, Sean Nittner, Seth Johnson, Seumas Froemke, Stacey Chancellor, Tami Hunsaker, Temoore, The Misdirected Mark Podcast, ┬áTim Rodriguez, Tim White, Tracy Barnett (Sand & Steam Productions), Tresi, Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza