Master Plan #67: Mark Richardson on Cartography in RPGs

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Ryan talks with Mark Richardson, who is by night a freelance tabletop games cartographer and indie publisher, and by day a badass Canadian geographical information survey machine. (That means he makes huge maps using very detailed software.) Mark’s got a fresh perspective on cartography, coming from a technical, GIS background rather than a purely illustrative one. We sit down to talk about the art and business of making maps for games.

If you like the cut of his jib (and you should), check him out at @slavetothehat, his Green Hat Designs, and his upcoming Headspace Kickstarter!

Projects Mark has Made Maps For Include

Open GIS Data Resources

Other Links

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Next on Master Plan: Cartography with Mark Richardson

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This coming Saturday, February 7th, Ryan will talk with Mark Richardson, professional cartographer and creator-publisher. For the last 15 years, he’s made cartography a career in Canada. (I’ve seen some of his work, and it’s pretty amazing.) Now he freelances as a mapper for RPGs, including for Will Hindmarch’s Project: Dark. We’ll talk about the process of creating maps of made-up and real world locations from the standpoints of his job as a cartographer and of a creator-publisher’s needs.

This will be a live G+ Hangouts on the Air interview, with the audio-only version on the podcast feed later that day.

Time: Saturday, February 7th, 2015 — 3pm Eastern, 12am Pacific — 1 hour

G+ Hangout Event:

We’ll also talk a bit about his upcoming RPG Headspace, and I’ll ask him how he’s planning on using his cartography skills for his own publication.

If you have cartography design and process questions, or on working with a cartographer, please comment on this post[1] or use the Q&A feature during the Hangout. I’ll take your questions in the latter third of the interview.

– Ryan

[1] Last time I did one of these, the comments didn’t come to me in time to process from some reason. I’ll keep better watch this time. But the Q&A app on the Hangout page should work this time.

Master Plan #66: Robin D. Laws on RPG Setting Design

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Ryan kicks on one of his planned 2015 interview series—this one on setting design in roleplaying games—by talking with luminary and setting veteran Robin D. Laws. Robin’s well known for his work in Feng Shui (and the recently Kickstarted second edition), the Dying Earth RPG, and various games using his GUMSHOE and DramaSystem engines.

Works that we brought up that you can check out now:

If you want more Robin goodness, check out Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff.

– Ryan

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