Master Plan #67: Mark Richardson on Cartography in RPGs

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Ryan talks with Mark Richardson, who is by night a freelance tabletop games cartographer and indie publisher, and by day a badass Canadian geographical information survey machine. (That means he makes huge maps using very detailed software.) Mark’s got a fresh perspective on cartography, coming from a technical, GIS background rather than a purely illustrative one. We sit down to talk about the art and business of making maps for games.

If you like the cut of his jib (and you should), check him out at @slavetothehat, his Green Hat Designs, and his upcoming Headspace Kickstarter!

Projects Mark has Made Maps For Include

Open GIS Data Resources

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  1. Fridrik says:

    I anyone is interested in trying GIS mapping then Quantum GIS is the cheap way to go. It’s an open source (Read: Free) GIS program that is just as good as most professional programs.