Next Master Plan: On Gen Con Prep

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This Saturday — August 9th, 2014 — at 12:30p Pacific / 3:30p Eastern, Ryan will interview brilliant folks about prepping for large conventions like Gen Con. We’re going to focus on the perspective of exhibitors and event-runners, but a lot of that will overlap with general advice. This is a live episode over Google Hangouts on the Air, and will be later on YouTube and the audio will be on the podcast feed.

The illustrious folks that Ryan’s going to talk with:

  • Adam Jury, co-founder of Posthuman Studios (and long-time Gen Con advice-giver)
  • Derek Guder, Event Programming Manager at Gen Con (who will, in fact, be tuning in from the airport!)
  • Jessica Price, project manager at Paizo and second-term Gen Con-goer (giving the panel a new, fresh perspective)

There’s also a prize! Adam and Ryan will award a free pass to Gen Con 2014 to the question that sparks the most interesting discussion. This prize is courtesy of Derek Guder of Gen Con, because he’s awesome. (If you’re wondering how this is a prize, considering that people have already bought their badges, you can use this to get a badge refund! If you’re an exhibitor or getting a free badge already, you can give this to a friend.)

I’m collecting questions on my blog: and on a Google+ post.

The scheduled Google+ Hangout on the Air:

– Ryan



  1. Nicole says:

    Was the winner of the pass announced?

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      Nope! I knew I forgot something over the weekend. I’ll hit that up tonight.

      – Ryan