Next Master Plan Live: with Brian Clevinger

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Brian Clevinger—co-creator of the fantastic comic series Atomic Robowill talk with Ryan about licensed roleplaying games from a side of the fence not often talked about: the licensor’s point of view. They’ll talk about what Brian expected before getting involved with Evil Hat Productions to create the Atomic Robo Roleplaying Game, how that matched with what happened, and advice that he’d have for both aspiring licensors and licensees.

Scheduled time: Monday, June 30th, 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern

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If you have questions and won’t be able to watch it live (or if you just want to flag a question so it’s on my list), please comment on this post! Note that I stick closely to the topic at hand, so I might not get to your question if it’s not about licensing and creating the Atomic Robo RPG.

– Ryan



  1. [Question]

    Have you considered making miniatures as a companion product for the Atomic Robo RPG?

    If you don’t already have something in the works I would love to help out.

    I encourage you to check out my site and get in touch if you’d like to put something together.

    Best regards and Thank you for making Atomic Robo!

    Ben Misenar

    • Ryan Macklin says:

      Ack! I didn’t get this question until I started doing the interview. Sorry!

      – Ryan