Master Plan #61: Vincent Baker on Evolution of Games and a Game Designer

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Ryan sits down with Vincent Baker to ask him what ends up being some big questions: Where did Murderous Ghosts come from? What does “Powered by the Apocalypse” mean? What are his thoughts on his own design evolution?

We go all over the place in this lengthy interview — talking about the old days at the Forge, the nature of various playtesting, a love of RoboRally, what being “innovative” actually means, on freelancing and what that sacrifices, selling games to non-gamers, silly unpublished games, and so much more. This is one of my favorite interviews to date, and a fitting way to both close out 2013 and be (functionally) my 7th anniversary episode.

Thank you to Plate Mail Games for the use of the audio loop — an experiment I’m trying in this episode. Check out their Kickstarter! Good stuff.


Vincent’s (published) games mentioned:

Other games mentioned:

53:01 / 26.1M

– Ryan



  1. Seth says:

    Please sir, more like this, with people like this.

  2. Nick says:

    Diplomacy was another game mentioned!

  3. Nick D says:

    Vincent mentioned playing Murderous Ghosts with more than one player. Was that part cut from the episode or was it not discussed?

    Great episode! Glad you’re back!