Master Plan #60/Live #1: Daniel Solis on Card Game Design and Rapid Prototyping

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On this first live episode of Master Plan, I talk with Daniel Solis about a host of subjects: card game design, rapid prototyping, remote playtesting, design philosophy, DriveThruCards, and so on. Naturally, we talk about Belle of the Ball (currently on Kickstarter) and Koi Pond (on DriveThruCards).

You can watch the video on YouTube (via this link or the embed below), or download the audio-only version from this feed & post.

Show notes

Daniel’s Blog and Twitter feed.

Daniel’s Games

Daniel’s online video course at on card design in InDesign.

Apps Mentioned for Remote Testing

Other Games Mentioned

Audio thanks to, which Daniel turned me on to. If you use it, be warned: there are like a million ads on the site, though none in the audio once you get to downloading it.

1:27:07 / 42.4M

– Ryan