Master Plan #44: Ryan’s Rules of Playtesting

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Still in the post-Dreamation afterglow, Ryan responds to a question asked by friend of the show Remi Treuer, where he asks to hear more about Ryan’s playtest process in light of seeing it in action at Dreamation. What he comes up with is something he calls his “Rules of Playtesting” — things he calls “Rules” because he has to constantly, consciously remember to apply them rather than things that come easy.

The five rules he mentions: The Rule of Consideration, The Rule of Conceit, The Rule of Frontloading, The Rule of the Drawing Board, and The Rule of Keeping My Mouth Shut.

Afterward, Ryan gives you some Sponsor Quote action, with an anectode that will at most amuse five people. Good times.

Remi Treuer:

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