Master Plan #41: Further Thoughts on Advancement

Solo |

To truly close out 2008, Ryan records one last show on Christmas Day. Inspired by a post from Rob Bohl (of the Independent Insurgency podcast), Ryan talks about more thoughts on advancement: as a way to flesh out a character post-creation, as a world-changing element rather than a character-changing one, as a ritual for marking points in time, and as a way to keep the game feeling fresh from a tactile perspective. They’re short thoughts on this solo episode, but ones worth noting. Afterwards, he talks about some podcasts he’s been on recently, the fact that he’s now a part of the Dresden Files RPG team, and the game design book he’s working on. Finally, you’re treated to a unique sponsor quote. Happy holidays, Masterminds.


Running time: 21:04 / File size: 14.5M