Master Plan #34: Working with Intellectual Property, Chris Birch on Starblazer Adventures & Doctor Who RPG

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This week, Ryan talks with Chris Birch of Cubicle 7 Entertainment about two licensed properties they’re working with: Starblazer Adventures & the Doctor Who RPG. The two licenses are radically different, and Chris has a background in working with the intellectual property of others due to his clothing company, Joystick Junkies. They talk about some of the issues around and advice with licensing, as well as touch on why he chose to also license a game system as well for Starblazer Adventures. Afterwards, Ryan gushes about how much of a nice guy Chris is, and Jerry “J-Nasty” Grayson provides us with July’s Sponsor Quote.

Chris Birch & Cubicle 7 Entertainment:

Jerry Grayson of Khepera Publishing

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