Master Plan #28: Have Master, Will Plan 1, part 2

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Have Master, Will Plan #1 with Paul Tevis, part 2

  • 0:34 This episode is the second part of a conversation between Ryan Macklin and Paul Tevis at the second Nerdly Beach Party. Pick up the first half over on Have Games, Will Travel.
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  • 1:28 Ryan and Paul talk about Project Cowbell, their attempt to recapture their convention gaming roots, and how that play style differs from what they’ve been doing recently.
  • 8:10 – Sprigboarding off the idea of making clear what parts of a design are important, Paul and Ryan talk about how they address the issue of modular design in A Penny For My Thoughts.
  • 17:08 – Finally coming around to the original premise for this episode, Paul and Ryan talk about how publication is not the end-point, what they mean by development, and their collaboration style.
  • 29:31 – And that’s it from the Nerdly Beach Party 2. A big thanks to Albert, Nancy, and Josh for organizing it!

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