Master Plan #6: Interview with Christian Griffen

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Ryan interviews Christian Griffen of Berengad Games about his new book, Beast Hunters. They talk about why the game was created, touch on how the game works, then go a bit into how Christian and his wife created it together and some elements that evolved from the original draft. Later, Ryan talk obsessively about Game Chef.

Beast Hunters

Beast Hunters is currently offering a pre-order deal until March 25th, 2007. For more information on the offer, go to:

You can find more information about Beast Hunters, including links to reviews, at:

Game Chef

To find out more about Game Chef, you can go to:

Or for some specific links:
The rules of Game Chef:
Information on the ingredients:
Group Epsilon/Barnstormers:
You can find my various posts for “Enlightenment” there.

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